What's our largest organ?

So what is our largest organ? ...... SKIN!

We may be new to the market, but our philosophies go way back.

At Scrumptious Skin Food we believe in two things that natural skin care is key to a holistic approach to health and, good wholesome skin care should not cost the earth.

Our skin is our largest organ and it is in constant and direct exposure to the outside environment, meaning it absorbs any toxins present in the atmosphere. Why, then, would you increase the amount of toxins on and in your skin by using harmful products?

Our skin is made up of two parts – the surface layer, which is the epidermis, and the interior layer, the dermis. The dermis is what is also known as our ‘connective tissue’, and it contains a dense and complex system of blood vessels. It literally connects our skin to our organs and the use of skin care and other products, which can reach the dermis layer through the epidermis, can cause health issues you may not have even realised could be triggered by the skin care products you are using.

As well as blood vessels, the epidermis layer is home to nerve endings, hair follicles, lymphatic vessels and sweat glands, which can all be affected negatively by a build up of toxins.

So what are these toxins we are talking about?

You may be familiar with the terms ‘parabens’, ‘Proylene glycol’ and ‘Sodium Laureth Sulfates/Sodium Laurel Sulfates’ (‘SLS’ or ‘SLES’), but you may not be sure what they all mean.

Fundamentally, all of these are the name of additives or groups of additives made to products that help them foam up, disperse water evenly throughout or increase their shelf life. However, they also all irritate the skin and many undergo processes that can improve their toxin levels, which are then transferred onto and into you. All these ingredients listed are NOT natural, they are synthetic.

As consumers, we are conditioned to believe certain things about the products we purchase. You may expect that your shampoo will be soapy or ‘foam up’, which is why SLS and SLES are used. You also expect to get a decent amount of shelf life from your products, so preservatives like parabens are used to achieve this.

Parabens are preservatives that keep your skin care products from going off, but they have also been linked to a range of nasty health issues including eye sensitivity, eczema, hives and even lung irritation. However, there ARE alternatives, including natural, organic alternatives, which are exactly what we use in our products to ensure you are getting a decent shelf life from your skin care, while still getting the most out of YOUR life.

Scrumptious Skin Food uses ONLY organic and natural ingredients.

No Proylene glycol, No propylene glycol,No PEGS, No Harmful Chemicals, No Synthetic Ingredients,No Parabens and No Animal Testing.

In short you could eat our products! They are all 100% natural and organic and are suitable for all skin types. We stand by the idea that if we wouldn’t put it in our mouths then you won’t find it in any of our products. So, not only are our products beneficial to your health and wellbeing, but they are also safe for the environment. The chemicals often used in skin care, sprays and perfumes can be very harmful to the environment, so you can rest assured that our products are not increasing your environmental footprint.

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Our Products are handmade with love to bring you quality natural skincare products, without any nasty chemicals.

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